Aubrey Grayson

Faith and characters

From a young age, Aubrey Grayson devoured books with alarming alacrity. Ignoring her mother’s pleas of “Come and watch TV with us!”, her most frequently uttered response was “Just let me finish this chapter!” She dreamed that one day, she could write stories just as entertaining as the ones she found at her local library. When a middle school teacher informed her that her writing suffered in comparison, little Aubrey gave up on the dream of living a life full of words, and found solace in something she discovered she liked just as much – numbers! As she grew, she eventually embarked on a career in corporate finance, complete with a shiny, expensive MBA. But as God is wont to do, He pulled her off this path a few years in, and gave her back her dream of writing. She hopes you enjoy reading her work at least as much as she enjoyed writing it, which is to say – a lot! Aubrey Grayson lives in Texas with her own Prince Charming, and three not-so-little children.