Aubrey Grayson

Faith and characters

A grace-filled historical romance with a treasure hunt, smugglers, and a heroine trying to find her way in the world. Fans of historical romance will love this book!


Legacy Redeemed

Susannah Blackmon is desperate when she learns her fiancé jilted her and her dowry is gone. Her guardian devises a nefarious scheme to ensnare Susannah in an unsavory life, and she knows she must flee. But to where? When she meets a mysterious stranger at a masquerade ball, he inadvertently directs her to his family’s vicar, and she heads to the seacoast to escape the worst. But when her mystery counselor invades her newfound space, she risks exposure. Will she ever redeem the life her parents had hoped for her?

Nick Daventry, younger brother of the Duke of Weston, is a widower, with a young son, whose family is encouraging him to remarry. But Nick never expects to find love again. When he discovers his inheritance is in jeopardy thanks to a crazy provision in his grandfather’s will, he puts everything he has into saving it. He returns to his coastal home, only to encounter a deceiver in the form of a devilishly beautiful woman he’d traveled all the way from London to escape. But is she the key to redeeming what is lost?

One of the most delightful stories this reviewer has read in a long while...I cannot wait to read more from Aubrey Grayson.”
— Lisa McCombs for Readers' Favorite.


If you loved Legacy Redeemed prepare for another romp through Regency England. Barbary pirates, secret codes, and characters who walk through hard places to find God’s grace.

Captive Restored

When Amelia Blackmon’s parents died unexpectedly, she was forced to marry a man she barely knew. Now widowed, she vows never to marry again. But when she meets a man who wants to give her freedom rather than control her, she can’t keep her heart from falling in love.
Alexander, Viscount Camberly, was betrayed by his brother and taken from his homeland. Finally back in England, he finds his estate destroyed, his title in question, and a wake of disaster in his brother’s trail. Vowing to right his brother’s wrongs, the last thing Alex has in mind is marriage. That is until he meets Amelia, and finds their futures- and their pasts- intertwined.
But when their enemies catch up to them, can they work together to restore the lives they should have had all along? 

Aubrey Grayson returns with another well-written, witty, and smart Regency romance.
— MeezCarrie, Amazon Review